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Lifestyle Services

Lifestyle Services
Post Surgery Care

Holistic wellness is the vision that inspires Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala (Dr. Muffi), founder and mentor of the Digestive Health Institute. In this mission, he has the whole-hearted support of hand-picked, experienced panel of specialists - nutritional science experts, physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, fitness trainers and weight loss experts along with his team of expert bariatric & GI surgeons. The combined expertise of the team encompasses every aspect of wellness, assuring you of a comprehensive approach and personalised attention from the finest in the field.

Health Optimization Plans

At Digestive Health Institute, we believe in a medically-sound, sustainable and holistic approach that is tailored for each patient. Whether you want to lose 5 kgs or 30 kgs, or just need a healthy nutrition plan to keep you on track, we examine what you really need and customize our program for you.

Functional Fitness Routines

Digestive Health Institute brings to you its very first fitness centre in collaboration with iThink Fitness. The state-of-the-art fitness centre is meticulously designed based on the shared philosophy of health and fitness. A dedicated team of certified trainers and medical experts have joined hands to design innovative fitness programs to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Recovery Programs

The Recovery Program at Digestive Health Institute focuses on Rehabilitation, Hydro & Physiotherapy and Pain Relief Therapy. Recovery program is designed for those who need quicker recoveries from sports injuries or for those that are recovering from a major surgery and need help in re-mobilizing themselves.

Modern Medical Examinations

Medical examinations or diagnostics are an important part in finding and treating any disease. Digestive Health Institute provides diagnostic services in the form of genetic tests, routine blood investigations and hormonal analysis. We work at the highest levels of quality with dedicated professionals and the best medical support.

Integrative Doctor Panel

The Game Plan - Sports Enhancement Program

Every athlete's goal in life is to perform better in his or her field of sport. Introducing an all-new sports enhancement program dedicated for those individuals that want to create an impact and train their body to go the extra mile in a competitive sport. The Game Plan is designed to create winners from athletes. DHI has formulated the Game Plan for two groups viz. Adults and Children. It also has a purely nutrition led program as well for groups, individuals and coaches.

Genesis Y

Genesis Y is aimed at kids learning and growing to live and eat healthy. We inculcate a healthy lifestyle in kids, teaching them the good from the bad and helping them make better health choices so that they don't fall prey to the ever-increasing threat of childhood obesity. Banning junk food is not the right way to go. Once children understand the power and importance of making healthy choices, mealtimes are no longer a battleground. For Genesis Y, we have four different programs:

NetWorkingOut Y

At Digestive Health Institute by Dr. Muffi, we believe in creating a healthy environment for all our employees. Similarly, we offer services in creating a healthy environment for other companies as well as part of our corporate wellness program.


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