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Laparoscopic Whipple's Surgery

What kinds of surgeries are offered at Dr. Muffi Digestive Health Institute to treat cancers of the pancreas?

We perform the Whipple's operation for cancers in the pancreatic head, as well as distal pancreatectomy for cancers in the body and tail of the pancreas.

Who is it recommended for?

Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery for pancreatic cancers is an advanced procedure performed by surgeons with expertise after careful examination of the patient.

What are the advantages of doing laparoscopic pancreatic surgery over open surgery?

The surgical cuts in laparoscopic pancreatic surgery are much smaller and there is less exposure of the intestines during the procedure. Thus, you will experience less pain and can move around much faster and more easily. All of this contributes towards your quicker recovery.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital and how long is the recovery?

The duration of the surgery and the hospital stay will depend upon the condition of the disease and your post-operative recovery.

What is scarless surgery?

Bariatric surgery can also be performed through your navel, making it a surgery with no visible scars. At Dr. Muffi Digestive Health Institute, we have practiced and mastered the art of single incision bariatric surgery and to date, have performed the largest number of such surgeries across the world. The benefits are quicker recovery and complete confidentiality as there are no visible scars at all. Please speak to our medical team if you are keen on exploring this option.